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High flying fixed wing and radio control for over 30 years!

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Alexa, FS5, A7S, GH4 and Inspire X5

We own all our own cameras and they're always ready to go.

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We Are Aerialworx
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We are Aerialworx, the professionals in aerial drone filming in North Wales, South Wales, Scotland and Manchester.
We use professional and custom built drones to carry the latest range of professional cameras.
Our cameras include Arri Alexa Mini, Sony FS5 / A7S, Panasonic GH4 and DJI Inspire X5.

film . television . online . streaming . commercials

Drone Aerial Filming,Drone,Aerial,Filming,North Wales,South Wales,Wales,Manchester, Liverpool,Scotland,Anglesey,UK Drone Aerial Filming,Drone,Aerial,Filming,North Wales,South Wales,Wales,Manchester, Liverpool,Scotland,Anglesey,UK

CAA Approved
We're Professional

We are CAA approved, BNUC-S qualified and BMFA A & B certified to fly drones and planes weighing up to 20 kg, ensuring the highest standards in drone filming safety and operation.

Drone Aerial Filming,Drone,Aerial,Filming,North Wales,South Wales,Wales,Manchester, Liverpool,Scotland,Anglesey,UK Drone Aerial Filming,Drone,Aerial,Filming,North Wales,South Wales,Wales,Manchester, Liverpool,Scotland,Anglesey,UK

BBC Approved Supplier
Only The Best

We are a BBC Approved Supplier, providing quality filming for all the premier television companies, including BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky, ESPN and National Geographic to name a few.

Drone Aerial Filming,Drone,Aerial,Filming,North Wales,South Wales,Wales,Manchester, Liverpool,Scotland,Anglesey,UK Drone Aerial Filming,Drone,Aerial,Filming,North Wales,South Wales,Wales,Manchester, Liverpool,Scotland,Anglesey,UK

Insured to £10 million
We're Covered

We have £10 million Public Liability Insurance and £50 thousand third-party equipment cover. We fly outdoors, indoors, internationally, on water and at night.

Drone Aerial Filming,Drone,Aerial,Filming,North Wales,South Wales,Wales,Manchester, Liverpool,Scotland,Anglesey,UK Drone Aerial Filming,Drone,Aerial,Filming,North Wales,South Wales,Wales,Manchester, Liverpool,Scotland,Anglesey,UK

ARPAS Member
Professional Trade Association

ARPAS is our Professional Trade Assocation that represents the small drone industry and all of its stakeholders. Our offices are located in Scotland, North Wales and South Wales.

Our Showreel
We what we do!

We are passionate about filming and flying and bring an element of creativity, spark and wizdom to every shoot. We specialise in drones for the film and television industry and only offer the best cameras available.

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Some of Our Work

We’ve worked on some amazing projects.


What truly beautiful aerials of Wales. They really give the shows that extra wow factor

Luke Lovell, Series Producer - One Tribe TV

The Difference between ordinary and extraordinary, Aerialworx

Jane Sayers - BIGGER BANG

A very big thank you to Aerialworx for doing such a great job

Craig Blackhurst - BETTY

Aerialworx went out of their way to make things work.

Simon Tucker - ATOMIZED

Special thanks for taking the lead in the aerial department.

Mungo - Bear Grylls DOP

What We Do
Our Services

It’s quite simple! We offer an amazing and professional service with a personal and creative touch.

is our passion

We love filming and our drones are permanently fitted with our Alexa Mini, Sony FS5, Panasonic GH4 and DJI X5.

Last Minute?
don't worry!

All our drones are permanently fitted with our AlexaM, FS5, GH4 and X5 and are ready to go at short notice.

Night Flying

Flying at night offers some truly unique perspectives of the world. We are CAA approved for night flying and we love it!

Extreme Stuff
is our speciality

We fly lower and closer than anyone and have operated in the worlds most hostile and extreme environments.

Indoor Flying
with a difference

Having flown in Theatres, Stadiums, Factories and Caves. We are accustomed to indoor drone filming.

Something Different
in search of more

Looking for something a little different? Flying fairies? Flying pigs? Give us a call and we’re happy to discuss.

We love informed clients, get the facts!

Our Team with Big Ideas

Learn about our equipment and meet the team.

  • ARRI Alexa Mini

ARRI Alexa Mini
4K Cinematic Camera

Our ARRI Alexa Mini is the camera of choice for high end, high value productions. Available in a variery of forms ranging from simple lightweight lens to ultra or super primes with full remote FIZ control.

  • RED Epic Dragon

RED Epic Dragon
6K Cinematic Camera

The Red Carbon Dragon is our alternative choice for high end productions. Offering amazing 6K capabilities, a selection of lens options and optional remote FIZ control.

  • Sony FS5

Sony FS5
4K Cinematic Camera

Our Sony FS5 is our mid range camera offering prime and zoom lens capabilities, ideal for a variety of productions. This system is ideal for situations where there are other Sony cameras on set.

  • Panasonic GH4R

Panasonic GH4R
4K / 1080p DSLR Camera

The Panasonic GH4R is a mid range camera offering amazing results. This upgraded GH4 offers V-Log for colour grading. It is an amazing, tried and tested system, offering video quality surpassing many professional video cameras.

  • Octocopter SkyJib

Octocopter SkyJib
Cameras < 7 kg (15lb)

Our SkyJib is our heavy-lift drone, fitted with our MoVI M15 or M10 gimbal it is the ideal choice for high end productions carrying setups such as the AlexaM and RED Epic for up to 8 minutes.

  • Hexacopter Alta

Hexacopter Alta
Cameras < 5.5 kg (12lb)

Our Alta is our medium-heavy-lift drone, fitted with our MoVI M10 or M5 gimbal (top or bottom mounted) it is the ideal choice for setups such as the Sony FS5 and GH4R FIZ for up to 15 minutes.

  • Hexacopter S900

Hexacopter S900
Panasonic GH4R Camera

Our S900 is our sub 7kg drone fitted with our Panasonic GH4R, it is the ideal choice for multiple location, quick deployment shoots and can fly for up to 10 minutes. We have three S900 within the fleet, all setup differently to suit a range of situations.

  • Inspire Pro Plus

Inspire Pro Plus
DJI X5 Camera

Our Inspire Pro Plus is our small dual operator drone for use indoors or out, fitted with our X5 camera and prime or zoom lens, it is ideal for fast action work requiring up to 15 minutes.

  • MoVI Gimbals and FIZ

MoVI Gimbals and FIZ
Get the Money Shot

All our heavy-lift drones use the latest state-of-the-art MoVI M15, M10 and M5 gimbals, enabling us to film perfectly smooth, stable and shake free video. Our wireless FIZ control system is ideally suited and calibrated for our AlexaM, but we can also offer it for other camera setups.

  • Real Time HD Downlink

Real Time HD Downlink
Live Feed Direct from the Drone

All our drones offer realtime downlink. We employ various downlink systems to transmit both HD and SD live feed direct from the drone to independent viewing stations on the ground.

  • Customer Cameras

Customer Cameras
You choose the camera

As well as owning the Alexa Mini, Sony FS5, Panasonic GH4s and DJI Inspire X5. We have lots of experience carrying other cameras such as the REDs, Black Magic and Canons.

  • Stef Williams

Stef Williams
Drone and Fixed Wing Pilot

Stef is passionate about everything to do with flying, filming and conservation. She’s highly experienced and held her pilots license for over 20 years and has been flying radio controlled aerobatic fixed wing aircraft at competitions and internationally since the age of 16. When she’s not busy flying she can be found riding her motorbike or kitesurfing at the beach.

  • Pete Stanton

Pete Stanton
Camera Operator and Drone Pilot

With over 30 years RAF experience and an interest in flying, filming and extreme sport, Pete has vast experience of working in remote and hostile environments all over the world. He is passionate about filming and is experienced on a wide variety of platforms including ARRI, RED, Black Magic, Sony, Panasonic and DJI systems.

  • Alex Stone

Alex Stone
Camera Operator and Consultant

Award winning and highly proficient cinematographer on most cinema and broadcast systems including Arri, Red, Panasonic, Sony, and Canon systems. Trained by Sony in all of their CineAlta cinema camera cameras and 4k workflow. An experienced operator working in features, shorts, TV Drama and cinematic narrative.

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