Sony A7s Drone Filming Scotland's Castles

2 Drones, 7 days and 10 of Scotland’s Stunning Castles

By Stef Williams Drone Pilot


Posted on January 26, 2017 at 10:28 AM

Castles with France 5

Working with France 5, we had 2 drones, 7 days and over 12 of Scotlands most stunning castles to film. The task didn’t sound overly complicated, but we were soon to find out that the unpredictable Scottish weather and the non-stop schedule, gave us very little time to move around, charge our batteries and prepare for the following day. We started on Sunday evening, meeting up with the France 5 crew – they were great, had very ambitious plans, but at the same time an understanding of how unpredictable the Scottish weather could be. We discussed the plan for the next day and off we went to bed, ready for the early morning start. The following day we set off at 5am and started our 7 day tour, venturing to both the East and West coast of Scotland. We had 12 months weather all thrown at us within the space of 7 days – sun, wind, rain and snow. It was a challenging job both logistically getting the kit to the desired locations and also combating the infamous Scottish weather. We started off in glorious weather capturing stunning shots of Glamis Castle followed by Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle, Dunnottar Castle, Balmoral Castle, Urquhart Castle, Dunrobin Castle and Culzean Castle. This was our first job working with France 5 and the crew were amazing and so friendly. We loved every second of it and can’t wait to work with them again.

Drones with Aerialworx

Due to the demanding nature of this shoot, we knew that we had very little time to charge batteries and that a lot of our time would be spent traveling between locations. For this reason, we recommended and chose both our Sony A7Sii drone and the Panasonic GH4R drone. The Sony A7S with it’s amazing low light capabilities enabled us to capture the best sunrise, sunset and moody shots, whilst the smaller Panasonic GH4 drone being lighter and more agile enabled us to get closer to the outstanding features of the castles and fly through the various openings and doors. The Sony drone also had the added benefit of the remote FIZ (focus, iris and zoom) control enabling us to zoom in to reframe when needed. This documentary will be airing on France 5 in summer of 2017, so we will keep you posted.


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