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Drone Tips for North Wales

By Stef Williams Drone Pilot

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Posted on March 27, 2017 at 15:29 PM

Drone filming in Wales might seem like a great idea, but before you encounter such a project – don’t forget to check out our drone filming tips for North Wales.

There are lots of good reasons to film in North Wales not to mention the beautiful scenery of the Snowdonia National Park, lots of spectacular mountains, coastal cliff sides, small islands, wildlife and amongst the best castles and manors in the country. If this isn’t enough there are also lots of grants and funding available to entice your project into the area.

Hints and Tips

In addition to the top tips which we’ve already covered in our previous blog “Top Tips for Choosing a Drone Operator”, here we are focusing more on North Wales, but many of these tips also apply to other rural locations.

  1. Location Permissions. A number of National Parks and Areas of Significant Scientific Interest prohibit the flying of any recreational drones and only permit flying of commercial drones if permission has been sought.
  2. Airspace Permissions. You might have found the ideal location, but have you considered the airspace. North Wales is an AIAA (Area of Intense Aerial Activity), with RAF Valley MATZ (Military Air Traffic Zones) flying Typhoons, Tornados and Hercules through valleys and mountains, SAR (Search and Rescue) helicopters and two local airfields Caernarfon Airport and Mona Airport with private and chartered flights leaving daily on a variety of flights ranging from excursions and trips to chartered flights.
  3. Nuclear Power Station Considerations. North Wales has two nuclear power stations (soon to be three) and legally you cannot fly a drone within a 5 mile radius of any nuclear power station.
  4. Coastal Flying. If your project involves flying around the coast, don’t forget to choose a drone operator with lots of experience operating in high winds. The coastal winds are usually substantially stronger than winds which are inland.
  5. Lighting. Lighting might seem like an obvious task and one that is under hand, but the large mountains and valleys quite often cast very large shadows which might put your shoot in the dark for a large portion of the day. So, always check lighting during your recce.

For more information and help with organising your shoot in Wales, don’t forget to give us a call on 08456001373 or email us on

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