Drone Hire

Freefly Alta 6 drone with Sony camera

Aerialworx is one of the UK’s leading drone hire companies with vast experience within the film and television industry. All our teams are perfectly matched with our pilots having a minimum of 10 years flying experience, an aeronautic background, a creative flare and firm understanding of the production workflow. Equally our camera and gimbal operators have over 10 years experience and in many cases are Supplier Certified (e.g. Arri Certified and Sony Certified) for the camera platform being used.

We specialise in making the impossible possible. The extreme shots that you didn’t think could be done. Our skill set includes indoor flying, flying at night, flying under ground in caves, flying under the canopy of the forest, flying through tunnels, flying in sub zero temperatures and flying 500 miles off shore in the middle of the Atlantic.

We own all our own cameras which are permanently fitted to our fleet of eleven drones. Our cameras include the Arri Alexa Mini, Red Epic, Sony A7S, Panasonic GH4 and DJI Inspire X5S.

Drone Equipment Dry Hire

We also offer dry hire of drones and drone equipment, including batteries from our international battery banks. Being a worldwide operator of heavy lift drones we hold banks of batteries in a number of countries. They are maintained for us in country and charged prior to our arrival. This enables us to fly into countries with large heavy-lift drones and be ready to fly with no delays.