Discovering Britain with Larry Lamb

Discovering Britain with Larry Lamb

On this amazing journey, Larry Lamb teams up with Maureen Lipman and journey across Britain meeting various celebrities including, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mica Paris, Arthur Smith, Michael Buerk, Peter Davison and Janet Ellis to name a few. They explore numerous locations from Soho, St Ives and the New Forest to Gloucester-Warwickshire railway and Hovercraft Museum in Gosport.

Aerialworx used a combination of two drones for the variety of shots required by the production team. The drones were chosen wisely and all close proximity work which involved flying within a few inches of Larry was undertaken with the DJI Inspire X5 drone, whilst other shots were undertaken with the Panasonic GH4R.

Larry Lamb journeys through Britain meeting various celebrities along the way…

Client: More 4
Author: Stef and Pete
Date: May 2016