Britain's Biggest Adventures

Bear Grylls Britain’s Biggest Adventures

Filming this entire series with locations throughout North Wales, including the peak of Snowdon, the geological magnificence of the Peak District to Highlands of Scotland and Ben Nevis. Operating in some of the UK's most extreme conditions.

We flew a wide variety of drones successfully from the highest peaks of Scotland and Wales, into the caves of England, over rivers in full flood and the arctic conditions at the 4,500ft peak of Ben Nevis.

”You don’t need to go to the ends of the earth to find amazing adventures. Some of the most spectacular places in the world are right here on our own doorstep in Great Britain." Bear Grylls is seen exploring and educating viewers on the UK's natural geology, botany and history over three 60-minute episodes for ITV.

Filming Bear Grylls at the peaks of Scotland and Wales to caves of England

Client: ITV
Author: Aerialworx - Stef and Pete
Date: May 2015