Drone at Edgbaston Cricket Stadium

Lufthansa… more Indian than you think at Edgbaston Cricket Stadium

Drones, Aerialworx Arri Alexa Mini, Cricket and Lufthansa all come together at Edgbaston Stadium.

The Lufthansa Airline advert portrays an amusing story of a coach trying an unorthodox method to defeat the Indians at cricket. Filmed at Edgbaston Cricket ground using the Aerialworx heavy lift drone and our Alexa Mini flying indoors, outdoors and night time for some truly remarkable shots. Not only did our drone capture the high level shots of the grounds flood lit under a night time sky we also filmed the cricketers in their indoor training ground. Following the bowler as he presented the ball to the batsman down the narrow artificial indoor wicket, each side covered by catch nets with no room for error, made for complex and challenging flying.

The film presents a humorous and light hearted approach to cricket. To beat the best you have to understand the best. The fanatical coach inspires his team to be more like Indians! Train like Indians, eat like Indians, even dance like Indians! Uncovered is the secret plot to get inside the mind set of one of the world’s most successful cricket teams.

Watch the behind the scenes video here... BTS Video

Arri Alexa Mini Drones, Cricket and Lufthansa Airline, all come together at Edgbaston Cricket Stadium

Client: Lufthansa
Author: Pete Stanton