Drone Operator MediaCity Manchester

Watchdog Live

This BBC Watchdog Live project sees our DJI Inspire2 drone flying over MediaCity, Manchester for the series opening stinger.

Drone Filming Falcon in North Wales

Vanquis Bank: Falcon

The Vanquis Bank Commercial involved us flying our DJI Inspire2 drone with the X7 cinematic 6K camera in close proximity to a peregrine falcon.

Drone Filming Rendlesham Forest

Debunked: Rendlesham Forest

The Aerialworx Creative Lighting Drone takes to the skies of Rendlesham Forest to recreate the UFO sightings of the 1980s.

Drone Filming MediaCityUK Manchester

Sport Relief 2018

It was a great day as the Aerialworx drone took to the skies in MediaCity, Manchester to film the BBC and ITV stars as they went head-to-head on the water for Sport Relief.

Drone Filming Scotland - Agatha Christie : Ordeal by Innocence

Ordeal by Innocence

Filmed in the stunning Trossachs National Park in Scotland using our Raptor heavy lift drone and Arri Alexa Mini, complete with Arri WCU4 aperture and focus control.

Drone Operator for Snowdon National Park, North Wales

Vanquis Bank: Sword

The Vanquis Bank Commercial involved us flying our DJI Inspire2 drone and X7 6K cinematic camera within the Snowdonia National Park, in North Wales.

Drone Filming Longcross Studios - Patrick Melrose

Patrick Melrose

Patrick Melrose starring Benedict Cumberbatch, finds our Alexa Mini drone at various locations including Longcross Studios capturing stunning cinematic shots for this new Sky Atlantic drama.

Drone Filming Tanzania - One Strange Rock with Will Smith

One Strange Rock

One Strange Rock with Will Smith, finds our drones capturing breathtaking shots of the tribes, animals and landscapes on the Tanzania Savanna in Africa.

Drone Filming Highlands - Victoria


The Aerialworx Raptor X1 and Arri Alexa Mini was perfect for this shoot. We also provided remote focus and iris control in the air using our Arri WCU4 Lens Control system.

Drone Operator Liverpool - Snatch


Our Arri ALEXAM drone, Zeiss Master Primes and Arri WCU4, all come together for the filming of the television drama Snatch featuring Rupert Grint.

Drone Filming Santa Pod - Genius with Stephen Hawking


Genius, a new science series presented by the world-famous physicist Stephen Hawking. Filmed all over the UK using our Sony A7S drone for the international National Geographic and US broadcaster PBS.

Drone Filming Spain - Running Wild with Bear Grylls

Running Wild with Bear Grylls

In this series of Running Wild with Bear Grylls, we find ourselves in the rocky mountains of Spain filming with the Inspire 2 drone.

Drone Filming Snowdon - Ar y Dibyn : On the Edge

Ar y Dibyn

After the huge success of the last series Ar y Dibyn is back. Broadcast in early 2018 the new series is bigger and better than ever before.

Football Drone - Adidas : Football Dropping Drone

Adidas Commercial

When Adidas wanted a Football Drone to promote their new Predator range of football boots, they looked no further than the Aerialworx Customisation Team to develop a drone capable of repeatedly lifting and dropping a football to the players on the pitch..

Drone Company Liverpool - Motor Range Commercial

Motor Range

For this Motor Range commercial filmed in Liverpool, we used the Aerialworx Alta8 drone and Arri ALEXA Mini camera. We have established relationships with the Liverpool Film Office and Port Authorities. Contact us today to discuss your drone filming in Liverpool and Merseyside.

Drone Operator Suffolk - Jamiroquai Automaton

Jamiroquai Automaton

For this project we fly two of our drones simultaneously – one appearing in the film as the Automaton Drone with very powerful gimbal controlled search lights and the other drone flying above filming all the action for this new Jamiroquai 2017 album.

Drone Filming Salford - Last Man On Earth

Last Man on Earth

The Last Man on Earth is an epic feature film, featuring two scientists who use genetics to find a cancer cure, but unwittingly create mankind’s destruction.

Drone Filming Birmingham - Lufthansa

Lufthansa Commercial

Arri Alexa Mini Drones, Cricket and Lufthansa Airline, all come together at Edgbaston Cricket Stadium.

Drone Filming Aberfan South Wales - Aberfan : The Green Hollow

Aberfan: The Green Hollow

Aberfan: The Green Hollow, a BAFTA winning drama and film-poem filmed with the Arri ALEXA MINI drone to commemorate the Aberfan disaster. Featuring some of Wales best known talent, including Michael Sheen, Jonathan Pryce, Siân Phillips, Eve Myles and Iwan Rheon.

Drone Filming Anglesey - Deuawdau Rhys Meirion

Deuawdau Rhys Meirion

Having had an amazing time filming the first series back in 2016, we return in 2017 to film the second series. In this the second series, we find world renowned Welsh opera singer Rhys Meirion traveling the length and breadth of North and South Wales

Drone Operator South Wales

Extreme Wales with Richard Parks

Extreme Wales with Richard Parks, finds Richard celebrating the Welsh Year of Adventure by attempting challenging sports including cycling, caving and kayaking. Filmed with our Panasonic GH4 drone at various locations in North Wales and South Wales.

Drone Operator South Africa - Bear Grylls Mission Survive

Bear Grylls Mission Survive

Bear Grylls Mission Survive filmed in South Africa with our Panasonic GH4 drone, it was a test for cast, film crew and drone.

Drone Filming North Wales - BAC Mono

BAC Mono

Filming the astonishing BAC Mono supercar through the mountains and valleys of Snowdon, North Wales.

Drone Operator Azores - San Miguel

San Miguel: Life Rich List

Drone filming far out in the Azores, Atlantic Ocean capturing astonishing footage of migrating Sperm Whales.

Drone Operator North Wales - Deian a Loli

Deian a Loli

BAFTA Cymru award winning childrens series for S4C featuring twins with magical powers.

Drone Operator Silverstone Northamptonshire

Coke TV at Silverstone

Off to the races with the Aerialworx Drone and Coke TV with the Aston Martin Vantage at the iconic Silverstone Race Circuit.

Drone Filming Dogs - Secret Life of Dogs

Secret Life Of Dogs

Flying our drones in close proximity to these incredible dogs across fields, through rivers and valleys in North Wales and South Wales.

Drone Operator Stafford - Cops UK Bodycam Squad

Cops UK Bodycam Squad

A factual series following Staffordshire Police, one of Britain’s most cutting-edge forces as they fight crime in the county’s diverse and contrasting communities.

Drone Operator Chester Zoo - Secret Life Of The Zoo

Secret Life Of The Zoo

A documentary series capturing the remarkable behaviour of the animals at the UK’s most popular zoo. We find Goshi and Napo, the two beautiful Jaguar’s taking a tremendous interest in our drone.

Drone Operator Scotland - Uniquely Glensanda

Aggregate Industries Commercial

At the Glensanda Super Quarry in Scotland, our camera drone captures the entire process from blasting to extraction, transport and shipping.

Drone Operator Nottingham - One Show : Sherwood Forest Special

One Show: Sherwood Forest

Attracting the imagination of Hollywood and audiences from around the world, Sherwood Forest is the legendary stomping-ground of Robin Hood.

Drone Operator Highlands Scotland - Golden Decanters

Golden Decanters

This short promotional film for Golden Decanters follows the story of Julia and Ann in their search throughout Scotland for the rarest, most iconic whiskeys.

Drone Operator Manchester - Sister Rita To The Rescue

Sister Rita

Drone filming half a kilometer over Manchester for this BBC series gives true perspective to the story of Sister Rita.

Drone Filming Forest of Dean - Samsung

Samsung Commercial

Drone filming at night for this Samsung Campaign under the cover of darkness in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

Drone Filming in Caves - San Miguel

San Miguel : Life Rich

This San Miguel commercial took us deep underground drone filming in caves for the spectacular closing sequence.

Drone Filming in London - Discovering Britain with Larry Lamb

Discovering Britain

Larry Lamb journeys through Britain meeting various celebrities along the way.

Drone Filming Indoors - Pound Shop Wars

Pound Shop Wars

It was a clever and absorbing way to tell the story of the biggest current trend on Britain’s high streets with more than its fair share of isn’t-he-a-character type characters.

Drone Filming in Sweden - Audi


This Audi Sports campaign finds us on a frozen lake in Sweden filming professional rally drivers Fredrik Anlin and Viktor Larsson as they take the cars through their paces.

Drone Operator Oban - Darling Hush

Darling Hush

Capturing amazing tracking shots of a sailing boat for this feature film with Sheila Hancock.

Drone Filming Antigua Carribean - Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge

Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge

Filming for Talisker Whisky and Atlantic Campaigns we find ourselves filming from the back of a small fishing vessel, far out in the deep unforgiving Atlantic Ocean.

Drone Filming Haverfordwest South Wales - M&S

M&S Food Commercial

Filming for Marks and Spencer Food Christmas Turkey commercial on the beautiful South Wales Pembrokeshire coast.

Drone Filming Fingals Cave Staffa

Fingals Cave Staffa

Filming Fingals Cave with a drone as Atlantic waves pound the black basalt walls

Drone Operator Skye Scotland - National Geographic

Four Mums in a Boat

Filming the amazing Yorkshire Rows team as they row 3000 miles across the treacherous Atlantic Ocean to Antigua.

Drone Operator Lake District - Land Rover

Land Rover

Drone filming in the Lake District with LandRover and the Roebuck family as they traded their sofa for a week’s adventure in the new LandRover Discovery Sport.

Drone Operator Solihull Birmingham - Inside Jaguar Landrover

Inside Jaguar LandRover

Filmed using our compact, extremely agile, customised indoor drone fitted with a dual operator camera system. It enabled us to access areas that would be impossible to film by a traditional camera crew.

Drone Filming St Andrews Scotland


Promotional film for Toro Ground Care Machines, filmed at the St Andrews Links Course in Scotland.

Drone Filming Barbican Theatre - Drone Orchestra

The Drone Orchestra

The Drone Orchestra held at the Barbican Theatre in London was a ground breaking collaboration with talented musician and visionary John Cale to create music for an orchestra of drones.

Flying Drone Fairies

M&S Drone Fairies Campaign

We worked closely with M&S in the design, construction and testing of these magical fairy costumed drones.