The Project

Client: Hyperbees

Location: Pembrokeshire, South Wales

Location: Reading, Berkshire

Date: May 2017

Drone: AlexaM

Ek Haseena Thi : Bollywood

Here we find our ALEXA Mini drone on set filming for this Bollywood Blockbuster, EK Haseena Thi is a very popular crime thriller television series from India. The successful show is highly acclaimed by critics and viewers is to make the transition to the Bollywood cinema. The action packed film currently in production is due to be released throughout India and select UK cinemas in the autumn 2017.

Filmed in a wide variety of locations in the UK for an international audience. The plot is based on the character Durga Thakur, an ambitious and confident young woman who encounters a rich and powerful family with connections to the criminal world. Their son Shaurya, becomes besotted by Durga and decides to court for her affections regardless of the cost. Durga, however, has some other plans. She has a hidden past and is out for revenge against the family who destroyed her sister. She uses her influence on Shaurya to reap her retribution. Filled with murder and double cross, this thrilling action movie is a sure fire winner with its South Asia audience.

The Bollywood blockbuster needed a wide variety of film locations and complex drone shots. Varying from the heart of Dartmoor to the historic Tinton Abbey. Filmed with our own Arri Alexa Mini and heavy lift drone. It featured close tracking shots of a classic American Mustang muscle car driven at speed through closed canopy forests and desolate open moors to high aerials of the abbey in the morning mist. The high quality images from the Alexa matched perfectly with the Red Helium cameras used by the other camera teams on the Bollywood film set.

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