The Project

Client: Channel 4

Location: UK Wide

Date: 2018

The Drone

Battle of Britain: Model Squadron

Aerialworx worked closely with production company Love Productions for this Channel 4 production. As part of the RAF’s centenary, model aircraft enthusiasts from Britain recreate the Battle of Britain in miniature.

Churchill called it ‘Our Finest Hour’. As part of the re-enactment, the Battle of Britain is going to be brought to life as the nation’s top model airplane pilots as they gather together to recreate the summer of 1940 and the days that changed history, in a new three part series Battle of Britain: Model Squadron.

The skies will be filled with the buzz of model Spitfires and Hurricanes as Britain’s elite modelers recreate dive bombing, aerial encounters and dog fights above the south coast. They will uncover the strategy, tactics and history of those key moments of 1940 when the future of Britain hung in the balance.

More Information

Due to the nature of demanding filming requirements Aerialworx were chosen to fly our drone to capture the fast action filming. With the aircraft travelling at airspeeds of up to 70 mph in dogfight manoeuvres we needed a rig which was quick and very agile with the ability to fly in tight formation alongside the aircraft. For this reason, we recommended and used the DJI Inspire2 with the X7 camera offering 6K ProRes RAW. This was the ideal setup for chasing the fighter planes as they carried out dogfights in the skies above Weymouth!

The highly experienced team at Aerialworx brought a dynamic edge to the filming and our knowledge of the skills of the pilots proved essential.