The Project

Client: Shine TV
Location: UK Wide

Date: 2018

The Drone

Celebrity Hunted 2018

British celebrities are given fugitive status and go on the run. For up to 25 days they must evade capture from some of the world’s best investigators. They soon find out, hiding in the UK isn’t easy when everything they do leaves a trail.

Having worked with Shine on a number of occasions in the past, we were familiar with their high standards, requirements and expectations for this BAFTA nominated show. For the Series 4 production, we used a combination of high end drones.

Celebrity Hunted. Famous faces join Channel 4’s hit real-life thriller, for Stand Up To Cancer. Can they survive 14 days on the run from an elite team of hunters?

More Information

Hunted series 4 is scheduled to air on Channel 4 later this year and follows our fugitives as they attempt to evade capture. On their trail are some of Britain’s best detectives, who are determined to track the competitors down using good old-fashioned techniques combined with modern technology.

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