The Project

Client: Shine TV
Location: Thirsk, North Yorkshire

Date: 2018

The Drone

The Heist

When Shine TV approached us to get involved with the filming of “The Heist” a multi-crew drone filming project based in Yorkshire in the picturesque town of Thirsk, we simply couldn’t say “no”. Having worked with Shine on a number of occasions in the past, we were familiar with their high standards, requirements and expectations. To this end, we joined their crew for a staggering 21 days of solid back to back filming, working 12 to 16 hour days. For this amazing production, we used a combination of the Sony A7S drone, DJI Inspire2 drone with the X7 Cinematic 6K ProRES RAW camera and the DJI Inspire1 drone with the XT FLIR camera. 

More Information

The Heist is scheduled to air on Sky One in Autumn 2018 and follows ten upstanding members of the general public as they attempt to steal £250,000 from a security van in Thirsk and avoid capture for two weeks. The group steal the loot and try to keep it out of the hands of some of Britain’s best detectives, who are determined to track the competitors down using good old-fashioned techniques combined with modern technology.

“The Heist is a high stakes, very entertaining factual series, in the tradition of The Island and Hunted, observing how likeable, ordinary people cope in extraordinary circumstances,” said Shine TV creative director Tim Whitwell.

Will our group turn out to be criminal masterminds and pull off one of the most extraordinary crimes in the history of Thirsk? Or will they just be another bunch of hopeless criminals, you’ll have to wait and see.