The Project

Client: John Cale

Location: Barbican Theatre, London

Date: May 2015

Costume Drones at the Barbican Theatre

The Drone Orchestra held at the Barbican Theatre in London was a ground breaking collaboration with talented musician and visionary John Cale to create music for an orchestra of drones. John had an idea for his latest composition, numerous costume drones with sound, smoke and lights, and all flown above the heads of an audience of two thousand people. A combination of technical mastery and fine pilot skills created his dream.

As his vision materialised these futuristic drones were able to dance to his music and wow the audience in a show never seen before. This outstanding two nights performance at the Barbican Theatre was a true collaboration of artwork, sound and science.

The tight auditorium, dazzling lights, coupled with the unusual flying characteristics of the costume drones created both flying, technical and legislation challenges. All were overcome and made a highly entertaining show for the audience.

More Information

For this amazing project we find our drones dressed in colourful costumes and flying around carrying speakers, smoke machines, lasers and glitter balls dancing to the music of John Cale.


Here are some of the photos from the event.