The Project

Client: BBC

Location: Jodrell Bank, Cheshire

Date: Feb 2016

Drone: Panasonic GH4

Jodrell Bank : How Britain Won The Space Race

A historical documentary filmed at Jodrell Bank for the BBC Timeshift programme in November 2015. Telling the unique story of Bernard Lovell’s telescope and how it was used by both the Americans and Russians to track their competing spacecraft, putting Britain at the forefront of radio astronomy.

Aerialworx were the first drone aerial filming company to have filmed at Jodrell Bank and since this milestone, we have been involved in two other amazing projects involving this remarkable radio telescope.

More Information

Blessed by an astonishing sunset. Our drone captured the splendor and magnificence of this huge scientific structure. Shown not only as a marvel of engineering but also as a thing of beauty. Lit up by the powerful colours of the evening sun, it’s domination of the Cheshire landscape is unquestionable.