The Project

Client: ITV

Location: Welshpool, South Wales

Date: Jun 2016

Drone: Inspire1 X5
Drone: Panasonic GH4

Secret Life of Dogs : Series 2

Filmed for ITV as part of a new series following the Secret Life of Dogs. This episode tells the amazing story of Pero, an incredible sheepdog who made an astonishing 240 mile journey across Cumbria, Lancashire and North Wales to be reunited with his owner in South Wales. This dedicated dog deciding that he didn’t want to settle down with his new owner on a farm in Cumbria, where he had been sent to work. Turning up again on their farm near Aberystwyth in South Wales, a fortnight after making a break from Cockermouth.

Earlier in the year, Alan and Shan James sent Pero to Cockermouth to help out on another farm, believing that he would be the ideal dog for the job of rounding up sheep there. Evidently however, the relocation to England was not for the sheepdog, who abandoned his work in a field earlier and embarked on the long and treacherous journey back to his birthplace.

Eager to piece together the story of Pero’s adventures on the road, the family, together with members of the public, discovered sightings of an unfamiliar sheepdog sniffing around for food across the North of England and Wales. The evidence helped unravel the story of Pero’s long journey.

As part of the program we filmed the re-enactment of Pero’s travels. Our drone flying in extreme close proximity to this astonishing sheepdog as he retraced his steps across the fields, rivers and valleys to make the journey home to his beloved family.

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Flying our drones in close proximity to these incredible dogs across fields, through rivers and valleys in North Wales and South Wales.