The Project

Client: Audi

Location: Are, Sweden

Date: Feb 2016

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Audi : Sweden

On a frozen lake in Sweden it’s tough for both the Audi drivers and drone pilots – it’s the ultimate filming challenge. Fast moving cars, snow, ice and plummeting temperatures all make for difficult conditions, but the results FANTASTIC!

As the Arctic temperatures bite hard, a veil of ice crystals drifts across a surface as smooth as glass – perfect conditions for the high performance Audi TT and professional rally drivers Fredrik Anlin and Viktor Larsson as they push the cars to the limit. Close to the Arctic Circle, in temperatures peaking at -8C, the Audi’s performance is superb. Whilst engines howl on full power, the cars drift sideways through the snow as they speed around the circuit at a frightening pace.

Even in near blizzard conditions, our specially prepared drone was able to get close up and personal to the highly skilled drivers. The dramatic Swedish landscape made a fitting backdrop to the cars as they drifted around the track with stunning results.

More Information

A frozen lake in Sweden, an Audi on full throttle, perfect place for Aerialworx.