The Project

Client: Crime and Investigation Channel

Location: Manchester

Date: 2017

Trevor Hardy : Britains Forgotten Serial Killer

In the 1970s, killer Trevor Hardy murdered three young women in Manchester. His crimes earned him the name The Beast of Manchester and are investigated in a documentary on Crime & Investigation. The murders took place in the industrial heartland of Manchester. The Aerialworx Drone equipped with a Sony A7S and a wide variety of Ziess Loxia lenses was the ideal platform to capture shots of the Manchester and set the scene for Britain’s Forgotten Serial Killer and Trevor Hardy’s horrendous crimes.

More Information

The programme is based on the work of Lianne La Borde, a renowned journalist in crime investigation. During some research she came across Hardy’s case and found it intriguing. “I’ve got a criminology degree and I’d never heard of him. I found his brother Colin and wrote to him,” says Lianne. She visited Colin and was stunned when he handed over the letters and documents he’d inherited when Hardy died in jail in 2012.

Amongst the many things he had received were countless letters Hardy had written to the authorities. In many of those letters Hardy had retracting his confession over the three killings and, worst of all, trying to convince them that his brother Colin was responsible for the unsolved murder of Dorothy Leyden.

For Colin it was important to do this documentary and allow someone with a professional eye to look through the documents and answer some of his questions. Through her investigations Lianne discovered that Colin hadn’t seen his brother since he was sentenced, but these documents brought everything back. Hardy had been mentioning Colin’s name in letters to people telling them Colin was the murderer. And while the authorities dismissed the accusation, for some people living locally it still placed a shadow of suspicion in their minds.

Lianne discovered that Hardy tried to frame Colin because he felt bitter resentment towards him. After the murders Colin alerted the police and raised his suspicion about his elder brothers involvement which subsequently later led to his arrest and prosecution. For this act Hardy hated his brother and always wanted revenge.

Now many questions have been resolved, Lianne is hoping it will bring closure to Colin.