The Project

Client: Alt Angle Films
Client: Jack The Lad Films

Location: Manchester

Date: May 2017

Drone: Sony A7S

Last Man On Earth

The Last Man on Earth, starring the sixth Dr Who actor Colin Baker and also starring Nicole Gaskell and Serena Ryan, is a science fiction thriller set in Manchester. The short film, which sees Baker starring as a virologist, Professor James Friedkin. Friedkin who convinces his young protégé to join him at a corporate biotech so they can search for a cure for cancer. But the feeling about this biotech is somewhat ominous, and the film short is described as “pre-apocalyptic.”

Our medium lift drone captured some amazing shots of the cemetery and also the spectacular closing scene to this nail biting thriller.

More Information

The Last Man on Earth is an epic feature film, featuring two scientists who use genetics to find a cancer cure, but unwittingly create mankind’s destruction.