The Project

Client: RibRide

Location: Anglesey, North Wales

Date: 2018

The Drone

RibRide: Velocity

RibRide approached us in January 2018 with high expectations and looking for a high quality, high impact commercial campaign that would attract visitors and appeal to young and old alike. This was our first all in-house production and we went through months of careful planning organising every minute detail so that everything went smoothly on the day of filming. We selected one day in May where the tide, wind, sun and light were all in our favour.

We had one ground camera, one sound engineer and one drone. We generated our storyboard, shot list and organised all our locations and permissions. Finally, two days of editing and this is the results! Enjoy.

More Information

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For more information or to arrange your trip or filming project, visit RibRide – Rib Boat Hire in Anglesey, North Wales.