The Project

Client: Renegade Pictures

Location: North Wales

Date: Sept 2018

Dont Tell The Bride

Don’t Tell the Bride is an observational reality television series. The theme of the series surrounds couples being awarded money to fund their wedding. However, every aspect of the ceremony must be organised by the groom in complete secrecy, with no contact with the bride.

The drone filming involved shooting the bride, groom and extended family members in private residences. Sequences involved the bride and groom enjoying their special day, the challenges the groom presented to the bride and of course the wedding itself.

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More Information

The sequences required a high content of creative and dynamic shots as we flew our drone from the side of windy and exposed cliff faces and our at sea undertaking close proximity tracking shots. Filming was challenging and required traffic management, road closures and notifications to the inhabitants, local council and police authorities.