The Project

Client: RockStar

Location: Scotland

Date: Aug 2016

Drone: Sony A7S

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Golden Decanters Whisky : Scotland

Golden Decanters are a small and unique whiskey company run by Julia Hall Mackenzie-Gilanders and Ann Medlock. They specialise in finding the most unique and rarest whiskeys around Scotland. Both ladies are richly experienced in the luxury drinks market. These two pioneers have put their hearts, souls and a lifetime of expertise into this project.

This short promotional film for Golden Decanters follows the story of Julia and Ann in their search throughout Scotland for the rarest, most iconic whiskeys. Their journey took them to some of Scotland’s oldest, most distinguished distilleries to find most prestigious collection of the finest, rarest, most iconic single cask whiskies. This unique collection of fine whiskeys for collectors, connoisseurs and investors, presents an exclusive opportunity to own a small piece of history and a true Scotch whisky.

For this amazing shoot, we found ourselves travelling to the Highlands of Scotland and the vast Fortingall country estate. Blessed by some fantastic weather with blue skies and light winds, the filming day started at 6am with glorious high level sunrise shots over the country estate.

The first challenge of the day involved flying their drone in a combination of low level flights over the manor house and down the long tree lined driveway tracking the ladies as they started their journey in their Bentley. The next filming location was the beautiful river Tay. For this scene, the drone flew out from under the low canopy of trees and transition into a majestic shot of a fly fisherwoman casting her line across the river, ending with a dramatic climb out to reveal the rugged mountainous landscape. This was all done in one continuous shot. Finally, to compliment these clips the film also needed action shots of the ladies in their land rover travelling over the rough and barren terrain of the mountains. This required flying to the maximum distance permissible with close up tracking shots at various speeds of their vehicle travelling across the open moors from a variety of angles.

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The shots were complex and demanding in skill and experience for both for pilot and camera operator, but one we accomplished with great success. All in all this was a fantastic shoot. Allowing the purity of the Scotch whisky to shine through, a work of art to be admired and part of a total, exclusive experience.

To see the final film got to the link below.