The Project

Client: BBC
Location: Kensington, London

Date: 2018

The Drone

Before Grenfell: Hidden History

When the Grenfell Tower disaster happened in June 2017, it revealed a deep division between rich and poor in this part of West London. Now, a year later – the residents of the community around the tower tell the story, of how their borough became the most unequal place in Britain.

This film reveals little-known historic stories of how the divisions began, such as the building in the nineteenth century of a huge wall that still stands today. The wall was intended to separate the homes of the Victorian middle class from what was then the worst slum in London. Residents share their memories of the dramatic events that shaped their community.

More Information

For this short BBC2 film Before Grenfell: A Hidden History, we used our Sony A7S camera drone. We find ourselves filming in very challenging situations and flying over key areas in and around Kensington.

This series is due to air on BBC2 30th September 2018.

Read more about it on the BBC Before Grenfell website page.