The Project

Client: Crackle

Location: Liverpool Docks, Liverpool

Date: May 2017

Snatch : The Series

This drama starring Rupert Grint (previous work includes Ron Weasley in Harry Potter and Jonny in Moonwalkers), is loosely based on the popular Snatch movie of the 90’s and is inspired by a real-life heist which happened in London. When a group of hustlers in their 20’s discover stolen gold bullion, they are thrust into the high-stakes world of organized crime and chaos. The hustlers must work fast to navigate the dangerous waters of London’s underworld, which proves to be full of rogue cops, local villains, international mobsters and more. Grint plays the role of the utterly posh Charlie Cavendish, and also serves as an executive producer.

More Information

Our Arri ALEXAM drone, Zeiss Master Primes and Arri WCU4, all come together for the filming of the television drama Snatch featuring Rupert Grint.