The Project

Client: BBC
Location: MediaCity, Manchester

Date: 2018

The Drone


Ambulance, now in its third series, is a BAFTA award winning documentary series for BBC1 giving exclusive insight into how the ambulance service functions and the huge challenges it faces. The series meets the people working day in and day out, from paramedics to 999 call operators, to keep on top of the pressure and provide emergency services to the public.

For series 4 we film around Manchester and follow the crews as they face obstacles, make tough decisions and save lives.

More Information

For this the fourth series of BBC1 Ambulance we used our DJI Inspire 2 equipped with the DJI X7 camera, capable of filming up to 6K ProRes RAW. We find ourselves filming in very challenging situations and flying over key areas in and around Salford and Manchester during daytime and also late into the night.

This series is due to air on BBC1 late 2018.