The Project

Client: Channel 4
Location: MediaCity, Manchester

Date: 2018

The Drone

Great Canal Journeys

Great Canal Journeys finds husband and wife team Timothy West and Prunella Scales continuing their narrowboating journeys all over the world.

The great English actors Timothy West and Prunella Scales have now made 28 episodes of Great Canal Journeys, which is part travel, part history and part love of narrowboating.

The fact that they have embarked on these journeys as they “head towards the final curtain”, as West puts it, and the fact that they’re doing it in the shadow of Scales’ advancing dementia, makes the series all the more remarkable.

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More Information

For this, the 2018 series of Great Canal Journeys, “Aerialworx were approached due to their experience in low altitude flying, operating over water and operating in challenging locations.”

We found ourselves launching our drone from narrowboats on the canal and flying under trees, through tunnels and tracking the delightful Timothy and Prunella on their epic journeys.

Episode 1:          Egypt – The Nile – 7th October @ 8pm

Episode 2:          Italy – To Milan by Lake and Canal – 14th October @ 8pm

Episode 3:          Manchester to Mersey – 28th October @ 8pm

Episode 4:          Argentina – Exploring the Paraná Delta – 4th November @ 8pm