The Project

Client: TBA

Location: Loch Long, Scotland

Date: Mar 2016

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Darling Hush

Darling Hush starring Sheila Hancock tells the story of two lovers as they travel through the wild, unspoilt landscape of Scotland. We filmed their classic sailing boat as it navigated its way through the dark and mysterious waters of one of the largest lochs in Scotland. The camera selected for the shoot was our Arri Alexa Mini a highly versatile platform precisely designed for just this type of shoot.

Even though the inclement weather created a postponement of the planned early morning flights. Typical of the part of Scotland, payback came as the clouds lifted and the morning rain cleared. With mist clinging to the mountain tops, the loch met all our expectations as the setting for this dark and sinister horror movie. Our heavy lift drone carried the Alexa Mini with ease. This fantastic camera captured the magnificence of the boat and the sinister mood of the loch. As the boat sailed its way across the loch with both elegance and style, we followed closely filming it’s every move.

More Information

Filmed using our Arri Alexa Mini, we obtained some close proximity tracking shots of the boat and also tracking shots as the couple walk through the forest.