The Project

Client: BBC2

Location: Peterborough

Date: May 2017

Drone: Sony A7S

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Caravanner of the Year

Caravanning, you either get it, or you don’t and if your opinion of caravan owners is not something that could be shared in public, then this may change your mind. At the very least it will make you laugh.

Aerialworx filmed the competitors as they competed for the Caravan Club’s first-ever two-day competition to find Caravaner Of The Year, an event they hope will introduce sceptics to the joys of caravanning. Filming with our drone for the two part series for BBC2 took place over two action-packed weekends near Peterborough at the scenic Caravan Club Ferry Meadows Site.

The contestants took part in a series of fun challenges that tested the competitors’ skills in driving, towing, manoeuvring and pitching, as well as their superb knowledge about all things caravanning!

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