The Project

Client: Aggregate Industries

Location: Glensanda, Scotland

Location: Oban, Scotland

Date: Aug 2016

Uniquely Glensanda : Scotland

Located in an isolated part of the Highlands of Scotland and only accessible by sea, the landscape made a fitting backdrop to this immense quarry. Filming the process from blasting, extraction, transportation and shipping we used a variety of medium to light weight drones allowing us to get close up and personal to film the complete process.

Everything at Glensanda Super Quarry is on a monumental scale. The remote location has been carefully chosen for its unique properties. Like the nature that surrounds it, consistency in every piece of granite. The quarry provides the building blocks of landmarks, as durable as the land it’s extracted from. Technical and logistical experts overcoming the challenges of land and sea. Geology, technology and people working in harmony.

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At the Glensanda Super Quarry in Scotland, our camera drone captures the entire process from blasting to extraction, transport and shipping.