The Project

Client: Jamiroquai

Location: Orford Ness, Suffolk

Date: Feb 2017

Drone: AlexaM

Jamiroquai Automaton

For this project we fly two of our drones simultaneously – one appearing in the film as the Automaton Drone with very powerful gimbal controlled search lights and the other drone flying above filming all the action for this new Jamiroquai 2017 album.

The ‘Virtual Insanity’ and ‘Cosmic Girl’ band Jamiroquai have announced their new 2017 comeback album called ‘Automaton’ which is expected to be released later this year. “Coming to a planet near you,” reads the accompanying caption to the fantastic teaser which gives a taste of what is to come. Along with the new album is a worldwide tour with full dates to be released shortly.

Jamiroquai’s last album, seventh effort ‘Rock Dust Light Star’, came out in 2010. The London band released their debut album ‘Emergency On Planet Earth’ in 1993 and have notched up four UK Number One albums, nine UK Top Ten singles and total record sales of 26 million over the years.

The new track from Jamiroquai’s latest album features an inspirational video with a highly creative kaleidoscope of colours along with ground breaking drone filming from Aerialworx. Released on youtube on the 27th January 2017, it quickly went viral and within a matter of days had over 2 million hits. The new single has been well received by the public, loyal fans and critics alike and is set to be a great success for the band.

Using two drones, one equipped with a 3 axis gimbal and a high power search light used to illuminate the ground. The second drone equipped with a Sony A7S camera and a Hollywood prime lens providing a fantastic dynamic range and ideally suited for low light cinematography work like this. The camera easily captured the harshness of the bright search lights as the high powered Fiilex AL250 drone lights cut their way through the unearthly landscape and dark shadows of the forest. Both drones were also equipped with an array of coloured lights for that additional alien spaceship effect.

More Information

The Aerialworx Workshop buzzing with computers, skilled engineers and the latest hi tech tools, including CNC carbon fibre cutting machines, aluminium milling machines and 3D printers. The team was able to quickly and easily design, manufacture and test the changes that were required to the drones to equip them for this shoot.