The Project

Client: Channel4

Location: Chester Zoo, Cheshire

Date: Mar 2017

Secret Life Of The Zoo : Series 1 – 6

The Secret Life Of The Zoo follows the day-to-day action at Britain’s highly popular Chester Zoo which hosts 1.4 million visitors every year. But few visitors ever see the world explored in this major Channel 4 series.

The popular series commissioned for Channel 4 by Anna Miralis will take viewers once again behind the scenes. Using the same micro-rig cameras and drones for aerial images we will capture the remarkable behaviour of some of the world’s most endangered animals and their close relationship with the keepers.

Director general Dr Mark Pilgrim said “The Secret Life of The Zoo gives viewers an insight into the lives of our animals and puts a spotlight on the incredible passion and dedication of the keepers that take meticulous care for them. In the first series it was thrilling to see the births of a Rothschild’s giraffe and an Asian elephant calf in such intimate detail. Importantly though, it helped us to drum up some newfound appreciation for lesser known, critically endangered species and the work we are doing to try and conserve them. ”

The modern, forward-thinking Cheshire based zoo plays a significant role in wildlife conservation. By taking viewers behind-the-scenes the programme has helped to change a few perceptions. In series two the filming will delve even deeper. With more than 20,000 animals under their care- from the weird to the wonderful – there are plenty more remarkable species for viewers to get to know.

This latest series will follow new stories, from the mating of rare spectacled bears to observing the night-time behaviour of elephants. We’ll also be finding out what’s become of babies born in the last series, such as infant elephant Nandita.

The new series will be released later this year and will include a Christmas special.

More Information

A documentary series capturing the remarkable behaviour of the animals at the UK’s most popular zoo. We find Goshi and Napo, the two beautiful Jaguar’s taking a tremendous interest in our drone.