The Project

Client: M&S

Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Date: Dec 2016

M&S Two Fairies Christmas Campaign

For this very unique and ground breaking M&S project we found ourselves designing, constructing, developing and testing these amazingly gorgeous flying fairy drones. These two drones had been designed to complement the two fairies which appeared in the M&S Christmas television commercial for the same year.

Our vast experience enabled us to build two of these amazingly beautiful and elegant three dimensional fairy drones which lit up on all sides with remotely operated colour changing LED lights and flew smoothly and elegantly the way we would envisage a fairy to fly.

Our experienced pilots made multiple night time flights in sync with live music over Glasgow and Newcastle whilst the M&S support teams were busy on the ground delivering gifts.

More Information

Flying these stunningly beautiful costume drones at dawn and dusk in Glasgow and Newcastle over the river Tyne. They grabbed the full attention of the public as well as the headlines in the national press and broadcast media.